i am a simple lady

"My feelings are too loud for words and too shy for the world."

mistake: not dreaming, u have everything you need if you just believe ,
believe in what you feel inside , and give your dreams the wings to fly
S t i l L ♥ Dream S t i l L ♥ Dream S t i l L ♥ Dream S t i l L ♥ Dream ~ ~ ~~ ~~~~~

Rule 1- Be honest
Rule 2- Believe in fairy tales
Rule 3- Accept time as our friend
Rule 4- Promote beauty. Wage a sustained campaign against ugliness
Rule 5- Abandon the pursuit of happiness and its false promise
Rule 6- Show compassion, except to pirates
Rule 7-Less TV
Rule 8 -Always be willing to admit when you're wrong
here my own space . . my only space to feel free , love and fly .
.i'm.Heba, Muslim, alhamdulillah. Egyptian. Anti-Zionist, anti-racist. Interested in Islam, politics (mainly Middle-Eastern), art, culture and beauty. . . . . street photography **

Yalla, enjoy ! !!!! Peace/Salam/
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